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5 great designs that will bring your Kitchen to life

If you are looking for great kitchen interior designs inspirations then look no further! As we have gathered some amazing designs for you to consider.

Here at Wintek, We believe that your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. This is why it should stand to perfection, whatever your taste, there are countless designs and ways you can make your kitchen look good. Besides, being the most common used room in the house and a place where family and friend gatherings usually take place. Let the kitchen reflect you and let it reflect your personality!

Your kitchen shouldn’t be “just” a place you store and prepare your food; it should be so much more than that. These interiors are a guide to your perfect dream kitchen; in addition, if you follow the basics-, you can never go wrong.

Kitchen construction is a hella work, and when deciding to build your kitchen from scratch, you need to mostly consider budget and reliable building constructors that can bring your ideas and imaginations to life


The Small Colourful and Cheerful

wintek contruction


If you love colours then you may want to consider a kitchen design that will reflect just that. However not all colours are suited for the kitchen. A splash of colour can bring a lively and cheerful feel to your kitchen, where as a dark colour will give out a very tense feeling and that is definitely what you need for your kitchen.

The Traditional Vintage Vanity


Wintek Construction

This vintage look can be achieved over any kitchen interior design. It gives a very warm and cosy feel to your kitchen. Sometimes we are so busy looking into the future that we forget to look back at the greatest possessions of our past.

 If you are a vintage collector, then you can create a simple look in the kitchen that will allow you to add your favourite collect ions.


All things Glossy White and Classic

Wintek Construction

Everyone loves a little bit of classic and glossy in their house. This look is especially good if other parts of your house are personalised. A pure white kitchen can give sense of calmness and ease. This look can be perfectly achieved through having enclosed drawers for all your utensils, as you don’t want anything hanging out.

The Simple Warm, Neutral and Modern

Wintek Construction

Bold and Daring colours are widely used in design nowadays; however when it comes to home designs some people would rather stick with neutral colours because they will never go out of fashion.  Neutral colours simply give a safe and restful feeling to any room. Besides a neutral colour pattern can visually widen a space and increase design features.



The Refined Wood

Wintek Construction


 Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in construction, especially in the kitchen.

The good thing about wood is that it comes in different shades so you can incorporate the shades or keep to one shade either way it makes the kitchen look solid and sturdy.


While having in mind that there is never a right or wrong way to design your kitchen, we strongly believe that making the effort is the key to a perfect kitchen and here at Wintek construction in Bradford, we can help you fit your perfect dream kitchen.

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Your guide to winter construction

The thought of building in wind, rain and cold temperatures might be unappealing, but if that were to deter us, we wouldn’t get much work done here in the UK. If you’re undertaking any construction job that will take more than a few months, or if you want to start a project without having to wait for summer to arrive, you need to learn how to cope with whatever the elements throw at you. Check out our guide below for tips on building in less-than-favourable conditions:

Keeping workers comfortable

Cold hands and unhappy workers equate to low productivity and poor morale, so it’s crucial that all those on the job are kept as comfortable as possible. Clothing is the first place to start: as well as being protective and practical, it needs to keep wearers warm and dry. Sturdy lined boots, waterproof padded shirts and strong thermal gloves are musts – buy them online from retailers like Dickies Store.

You can also combat a cold environment with space heaters – SIP stocks a great range of electric space heaters that are ideal for open-air working spaces. Also, if possible, hang tarpaulin to protect everyone from rain and provide a covered break/lunch area with hot-drink facilities. This will enable workers to enjoy relief from poor weather and reboot their systems.

Finally, you should make sure there is proper lighting to combat dank weather and shorter days. This will enable builders to put in more hours without compromising safety.

Protecting tools and equipment

Icy temperatures, wind and rain can cause significant damage to tools and equipment, something that can endanger and inconvenience your workers – and come at a great expense. It is crucial that scaffolding is properly secured, as strong wind can loosen bolts; metal tools like shovels should be wrapped in rags and sealed in a waterproof bag to prevent rusting; and power tools should be kept safely stored out or harm’s way during rain or snow.

Have a Plan B

There are certain jobs that, no matter what preparations you make, cannot be done in poor conditions. For example, painting or putting in foundations in the rain are no-nos. For this reason, you should factor in alternative tasks to be completed in the event of bad weather. Alternate options will ensure that workers stay productive and get the project closer to completion no matter what the weather.

If you have any builds in mind, please do not hesitate to contact Wintek Construction on 07773 715 196 or email us: [email protected]

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Building your own home; the essentials

Opting to buy a plot of land and construct your own home gives you control over everything. It’s up to you to pick the perfect location, create a layout and design that works best for you and your family, and the tiniest decision with regards to the construction of your home is left to you.

The benefits of this scenario are numerous. However, the stresses associated with building your own home are similarly abundant. There are lots of things that you need to consider and bear in mind, to ensure that your home is built to a high standard and will last your family for generations to come.

Find the land

A lot of people dream of building their own home, though they always credit the unavailability of land as the reason they don’t pursue this ambition.
Yes, undeveloped land is a rarity. However, one option is to look for a property on a decent sized plot which can be demolished, making way for a new building plot. This is an effective method of sourcing a piece of land in a desirable location, although there are complications to consider.
Before you even think of making an offer on an existing property, find out whether it is protected; this is common in houses that were built before the 1940s. What’s more, even if it is possible to demolish a house, there may be limitations in terms of what you can build in its place.
You can find more information about building regulations in your local area – and apply for planning permission, should you need it – at the UK government’s Planning Portal.

The tiny details

When you’re managing a building project, it’s easy to let yourself become too focused on the big picture. While ordering essential materials like bricks, concrete and timber are vital for the progression of the build, you’ll also need to pay attention to the little details, to guarantee a high-quality finish.

Creating detailed aspects of a home, like bannisters and intricate metal work, relies on the use of broaches and broaching equipment. These toothed tools are designed for precision machining and are especially effective when odd shapes are required. Though broaching is sometimes a more expensive method, the results are of the highest quality – so it should be the preferred method when you’re building a home.

Take a look at the wide selection of broaching equipment, available to order online from WDS Ltd.

Quality materials

In terms of the build itself, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. For this reason, the materials that you use to construct your home should be of the highest quality, designed to last for as long as possible.

You should also consider the possibility of designing an environmentally friendly home. In most cases, the materials used in these building projects are of a much a higher quality than standard materials and will ensure the longevity of your home. Eco houses are designed to be insulated and protected from the weather, so it stands to reason why they last longer than regular houses!

Take a look at this guide from of the top ten energy-efficient building materials and consider incorporating some of these into your build.

If you’re having trouble with any home renovations in Bradford or in the surrounding areas and require assistance, Wintek Construction have a very experienced team to help you out in any predicaments you have fallen into during your self build.

Call us today on 07773 715 196 for a free quotation!

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Choosing the Right Construction Company

So the inside of your home is now up to date. The place is a palace on the inside, but the exterior no longer does it justice. Now might be the time to consider that external renovation to add the finishing touch in creating your dream home.

Things to look for when trying to choosing the right company
  1. Certification. Do they have the necessary certifications? i.e. Federation of Master Builders Trust Mark certificates. Have their other tradesmen got the relevant certifications such as the plumbers corgi registered. Are the staff qualified? All these are signs of a good company.
  2. Portfolio. Do they have an online portfolio that demonstrates their work? This will allow you to really gain an understanding as to how they handle work and see the results for yourself. Take a look at the portfolio and then ask questions about it. Are they happy to answer these questions? If yes then that is another sign of a trustworthy company.
  3. Testimonials/Referrals. What have their existing customers had to say about it. Find out who they have done previous work for. If you know or can contact these clients then do so, this first hand information will be the most valuable of all.
  4. Quotations. Are their quotes precise and honest? When receiving a quotation a trusted building company will guide you through every aspect. They will give you prices up front and explain how you may run up extra costs etc. If the quotes are vague, as with the clichéd “umming and ahing” stereotypical of the cowboys then it’s probably a bad sign.
  5. Presentation. How does the company present itself? Do they have a professional looking brand/logo. Do they have multiple staff members? Are they well equipped? All good signs.
  6. Approachability. How approachable are the team? Are they happy to speak to you over the phone and face to face? Do they answer questions honestly and accurately? It’s common sense, we all have the ability to judge character and as somebody you will be investing your hard earned money in, you have to make sure you can trust them.

We all know the damage that can come from not choosing a reputable construction company. For whatever reason, you may end up with a cowboy in your midst and in this case, it’s more than likely that you will not be pleased with the end result. However, if you take care and consider the above you won’t go far wrong.

Just in case, here are a few extra warning signs that you are dealing with a cowboy
  1. Hand written receipts and documents, all vague (not a definite sign, but still worth noting.)
  2. Tries to convince you to pay cash. (Whether at discounted charge or to avoid VAT.)
  3. Tries to avoid giving references.
  4. Claims to have worked with reputable firms but either has no proof or is vaguely linked.
  5. Refuses to sign contracts for whatever reason.

Always be vigilant when looking for a contractor to take on your work, if you follow these guidelines and keep your wits about you then you will get the work you want doing to the standard you want it.

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DIY or Hire the Pros?

When any work needs doing in the house the first thought is always, can I do it myself? If you’re a dab hand with the power tools or your just looking to save money, this option will seem tempting. For any job, carpentry/joinery in particular, it’s easy to assume that renting the tools and taking a stab at it would suffice but this might be further from the truth than you expect. Now obviously you aren’t going to hire a professional joiner to come and put up a shelf but the question remains, when should you seek professional help and why?

Cost.This is a defining factor in most people opting for the DIY option. It makes sense right? Maybe not. For instance, most professionals have links with suppliers and usually get those supplies at discounted prices. By adding labour costs on top, it is still more expensive but it doesn’t stop there.

Equipment. Professionals already own their own equipment, which is already included in the costs so instead of hiring or purchasing the necessary tools, adding additional costs to what you believed was the cheaper option, you can hire a professional. Remember that when hiring power tools you are liable for damages and any number of accidents can occur which would push the cost of the project up even further.

Insurance.When you pay for a professional you are paying for insurance, this means any mistakes or damages are covered. Obviously this is a big IF however, a professional is much less likely to make a mistake in the first place than somebody doing it themselves so it is certainly wiser to cover ones back.

Time. Professionals do these jobs on a daily basis and understand the value of efficiency. If you are doing it yourself then it is likely you will be doing it in your spare time, if not then you will be taking time off work, which again is costing you money, to do the job when professionals could do it much faster and in a more organised fashion.

If the reason you are opting for DIY is that you like to do this kind of work yourself, which is understandable, or you want to take a very hands on approach then you can always enlist a professional and then offer your help. Obviously you would be limited in what you can do, but you can take the opportunity to learn a lot for future reference and make sure the tradesmen is following your instruction.

DIY or Professionals?

Joiners. When doing any joinery or carpentry like work yourself, make sure it is something standalone and relatively simple. As mentioned before, putting up a shelf or building a desk from scratch are all joinery projects that can be done easily. For more complex work such as decking, built in home features and other complicated tasks should always be left to a professional joiner.

Plumbing. Besides maybe replacing a U-bend or fixing a leak, it is always wise to enlist a CORGI registered plumber. For the reasons listed above, specifically insurance reasons, you will want a professional plumber to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly.

Electrical. Other than changing fuses and wiring switches and sockets then, for safety issues, always hire a professional electrician. This is always the best option as safety cannot be stressed enough.

Despite the Medias scare mongering, most professional tradesmen are always happy to help and speaking with one is always a good idea. Even if you think you could manage yourself it is still worth contacting a professional and just making some general enquiries about cost and timescale before deciding whether or not to do it yourself.

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#1 Home Improvements (Loft Conversions) – What Lies Above?

Whether it’s in the hope of selling or it is simply because you want a nicer family home, home improvements are tasks that, when done right, can be very effective. You know how to avoid dodgy tradesmen and when considering home improvements you certainly want to find an Al Borland and not a Tim Taylor. In this new blog series, we will look at some of the options when looking to improve your home.

Old boxes of junk that never got disposed of, Off-cuts of carpets, tiles, and extra wallpaper leftover from when you last decorated, Christmas decorations for 11 months out of the year. This is the typical case when one dare venture up into the attic of their homes. We personally think this is a huge waste of potential. Which would you rather have? A place to hide your junk that you keep constantly closed and argue about whose turn it is to go up there? Or a wonderful new room that is a pleasure to go into? Loft conversions add a brand new dimension to the family home whether it is a new bedroom, bathroom or study.

  1. Space. Is there sufficient space for the project you have planned? We know the idea is always tempting but if you cannot stand up straight in the centre of the loft then the conversion will only lead to awkward movements and back problems. There are options to raise sections but this would all be subject to planning permission. Contact the local Council to find out the regulations and planning permission rules before you consider undertaking such a project.
  2. Access. Another regulation is that of a fixed staircase. Do you have enough landing space for a fixed staircase? The most common options are fixed ladders or spiral staircases, these will take up less space and still meet the requirements.
  3. Function. What are you planning to convert the loft into? If there is sufficient space for the above and any planning permission is granted, then now is the time to decide what this loft conversion is going to be. An extra bedroom, bathroom, study? The choice is yours. Once you have decided, get in touch with a trusted local Loft Conversion Company for the quotation. Now is the time to start designing, let’s look at some ideas.
  1. Windows. Any room in a house needs natural light. How this natural light is delivered is your choice. The two real options for lighting a converted loft are roof lights and dormer windows. Roof lights are the standard fair when it comes to loft conversions, easily fitted into the roof itself, they certainly are the cheaper option, also requiring less work and come from a variety of sources. There are different versions, each of which open at an angle that allow for cleaning from within the loft, some are even treated so they require cleaning much less frequently. Dormer windows on the other hand require more work but will allow for extra headroom wherever they are placed, which is certainly advantageous over the former option.
  2. Fixtures. If you are planning to convert the loft into a bathroom then consider where the fixtures will go. Balancing the loft is imperative in creating a functional room and careful consideration is required here. Consider the roof height in relation to the fixtures i.e. the bath doesn’t require a high ceiling above it and therefore, should be situated at a point where the roof is lower. The sink and shower on the other hand are used when standing so these should be placed centrally under the highest point of standard housing roofs. Consider the same with a bedroom or study. Beds and desks do not require standing so they again can be situated under lower points whereas wardrobes and bookshelves will need sufficient height wherever where they are situated.
  3. Colours. You are free to do whatever you feel is best here but a point worth noting is that lighter colours give the illusion of a more spacious room. This illusion is also furthered depending on the amount of windows installed and with most lofts being relatively small; these minor considerations make all the difference.

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