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The young and young at the time to devote Freinet think the last of his works which he had to delay the development by activists bonds, now is the time for young and old alike to become aware of their responsibilities.

We must actively continue our experiences which we will publish soon the results, AND FINALLY: The last days of the conference I thought, what a pity that we can not benefit mostly similar symposia, or, alternatively, we can extend the benefits of a newsletter. I talked to a few assistants who gave their agreement. But how here too: moving from theory and the desire to practice?

We usually, we go straight to the practice. That we are all the more urgent this year as we discuss our theme: Education at the Crossroads theme for which we need the wide range of good will such as is found in Sevres.

Our work in this area can not lead – and the symposium has demonstrated – if we know and can compare our views, not only with educators from other degrees, but equally, if not more with non-educators official: with parents, doctors, psychiatrists, architects, contractors, vendors etc … and we still get there – and how we surprised – the exact program of our Association for the modernization of our education, as we defined last year. Untimely obstructions had cut our momentum at boot.

Evil is only relative since, at the request of many comrades, we take the case today with greater opportunities. We need a newsletter or publication that is not school, in which non-teachers feel comfortable to present their views. Our Life Skills review could be that body. Not that we are short of ideas and projects for our Life Skills review was to be devoted to the origin in search of the foundations of our techniques, including social foundations.

But our techniques must now broaden their action to the education of parents , materialistic aspects of our teaching and continuing education. At present, when technicians and users feel the need to overcome the scholastic to integrate to life, our techniques must also resolutely beyond the school to study all the data, the H.L.M. cinema, determine the success of an education. Implicitly we already recognize in our review of studies that do not always relate closely to our techniques.

And in our Life Skills seminars that could take place systematically in all regions and in all the cities (see the great success of the conference Besancon) we just trying to get us non-school. No review e date does not provide such a conjunction. Life techniques could become, without losing its psychological and educational interest, the official organ of our Association for the modernization of Education. No such review, no such association open currently exists. We would do well good job.

As part of the survey: Education at the Crossroads, we will establish an overall plan for which we will require the collaboration of various personalities in order to study the vital issues of the day in all their psychological essential aspects, psychological, philosophical, academic, educational, and also social, technical, journalistic, etc … We will give this plan in our next issue. C. FREINET. (1) Author of the book; “Teaching, Effort unproductive” we realized.

The young and young at the time to devote Freinet think the last of his works which he had to delay the development by activists bonds, now is the time for young and old alike to become aware of their responsibilities. They are these responsibilities, dependent of a work that his human and historical greatness. Those who worked, often heroically brought you the results of their achievements during the first twenty years that have promoted efficiency.

This assessment is entirely included in terms of collective action in the book BIRTH OF A PEOPLE’S LEARNING (Editions of Modern School – Cannes) In terms of educational theory, the works of Freinet explain the favor of dialectics solid common sense, how the problems at the base generators are efficient solutions that in turn offer the truths of fertilizer theory. For the profound teaching of Freinet is this progressive interweaving of practice and theory, if the fertilizing each other in the historical processes that give foundation to the permanence of a widespread educational work and exciting.

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Do you agree that topic opens in The Educator, section in which an attempt would be made to link the technical culture that is really obvious the profound rationale of a work that is not early education by the week? Email us about it. The elders are accountable to you! …

E. and C. Freinet and former CEL. PS: The second volume of “Birth of a Teaching People” is in preparation. Author Freinet Print
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By Angel School Guepin the 02/02/10 – 10:11 In Creation, Expressive Arts Arts> Visual Arts Children must draw on the theme of nature.

They do a sketch on a white sheet A3. When they finish their sketches, they will draw the animal’s own on white cardboard and they paint. Patricia decided to facilitate this workshop because it is already drawing teacher, but for adults.

After painting the white cardboard, it will make little holes and after it passed a wire into the small holes to hang together. Hugo Julius 2009-2010 Print
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In BT Publishing Printing at the School For students book, brochure January 1950 in pdf Author: Le Corre
In BT Publishing Printing at the School For students book, brochure January 1950 in pdf
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review in November 1951 You ask me why the beasts drivers shepherds traditionally philosophers, calm, measured and sympathetic, while the children of drivers pedagogues see themselves as full of resentment and mouth carrier reproach and hand symbolic yards.

This is probably the shepherds found the real efficient ways of driving their flocks and educators, entangled in their intellectualism, have gone astray in inextricable roads. When I was a shepherd and I was leading the field my unruly kids, I tried too to imitate the teachers and explain to my animals, a moment surprises, I expected their intelligence and their good will: – Attention! Do not go in that alfalfa otherwise you will be sick! …

Do not pass by, my boy, because the dog will bite you! And it ended often at school: with anger and beatings because the kids were looking at me with their eyes yet intelligent and mischievous but did not hear me. The peace and quiet of the shepherd whom I accompanied one day on the mountain were me a definitive teaching.

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