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Choosing the Right Construction Company

So the inside of your home is now up to date. The place is a palace on the inside, but the exterior no longer does it justice. Now might be the time to consider that external renovation to add the finishing touch in creating your dream home.

Things to look for when trying to choosing the right company
  1. Certification. Do they have the necessary certifications? i.e. Federation of Master Builders Trust Mark certificates. Have their other tradesmen got the relevant certifications such as the plumbers corgi registered. Are the staff qualified? All these are signs of a good company.
  2. Portfolio. Do they have an online portfolio that demonstrates their work? This will allow you to really gain an understanding as to how they handle work and see the results for yourself. Take a look at the portfolio and then ask questions about it. Are they happy to answer these questions? If yes then that is another sign of a trustworthy company.
  3. Testimonials/Referrals. What have their existing customers had to say about it. Find out who they have done previous work for. If you know or can contact these clients then do so, this first hand information will be the most valuable of all.
  4. Quotations. Are their quotes precise and honest? When receiving a quotation a trusted building company will guide you through every aspect. They will give you prices up front and explain how you may run up extra costs etc. If the quotes are vague, as with the clichéd “umming and ahing” stereotypical of the cowboys then it’s probably a bad sign.
  5. Presentation. How does the company present itself? Do they have a professional looking brand/logo. Do they have multiple staff members? Are they well equipped? All good signs.
  6. Approachability. How approachable are the team? Are they happy to speak to you over the phone and face to face? Do they answer questions honestly and accurately? It’s common sense, we all have the ability to judge character and as somebody you will be investing your hard earned money in, you have to make sure you can trust them.

We all know the damage that can come from not choosing a reputable construction company. For whatever reason, you may end up with a cowboy in your midst and in this case, it’s more than likely that you will not be pleased with the end result. However, if you take care and consider the above you won’t go far wrong.

Just in case, here are a few extra warning signs that you are dealing with a cowboy
  1. Hand written receipts and documents, all vague (not a definite sign, but still worth noting.)
  2. Tries to convince you to pay cash. (Whether at discounted charge or to avoid VAT.)
  3. Tries to avoid giving references.
  4. Claims to have worked with reputable firms but either has no proof or is vaguely linked.
  5. Refuses to sign contracts for whatever reason.

Always be vigilant when looking for a contractor to take on your work, if you follow these guidelines and keep your wits about you then you will get the work you want doing to the standard you want it.

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