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I am in favour of an “unmeasurable” universe over a universe which “goes on for ever and ever” .

I’m not allowed to say that they’re ordered a certain way? And hey, I’d love for us to be able to turn energy into matter :P that would be sweet, but have we ever observed the phenomenon of energy turning into matter? Hello iseason and welcome ot the forum. I myself have serious issues with the idea of infinity, one of the current issues bothering me with the idea is the ‘lack’ of uniqueness to fill a possible infinity. Before this, we cannot tell if it is more or less ordered than matter.

Some of the following is absolute crap. Originally Posted by iseason well infinity is defined as Several differing attitudes, so it should be made clear which type is being discussed. Also, to OP, existence must be infinite.

This review is of a book of legal themed SF by a variety of authors. Subatomic particles which can be converted to pure energy. Dunno why, don’t care, they are wrong. Please can we stay away as much as possible from it having anything to do with religion as this is not the basis for the reason.Cheersiseason We only know that when matter decays into energy, it becomes more chaotic, so we assume that energy is the more chaotic state.

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